Low Price Tires

Here the team of Pneus A Petits Prix.com

Access to low-priced tires, for all, throughout Quebec and Canada.

Alex is a visionary. Entrepreneur for several years, he crossed Canada, from Alberta to Nova Scotia, greeting thousands of people of all kinds, to then return to his home lands, Quebec.

Still as a man of action, he embarked on mechanical activities with his own garage and a team that he mounted from all parts. Business went up. The company prospered. His team was expanding. Everything was great.

One day, a mother came to approach him. She needed tires but could not afford it. Traditional discounts and overpriced prices were not adapted to her resources. She desperately needed it to work, and to look after her family. Alex did everything he could to help her. In the following months, he saw the same situation repeat itself a few times. His community spirit was tortured in solutions and plans, but to no avail.

It is at this moment that his idea germinated. The idea of ​​providing access to low-priced tires, for all, throughout Quebec and Canada.

He could not stop thinking about it. Contacting several of his suppliers for the best prices, contacting banks to have the best financing options, and contacting several companies to design his platform, Alex succeeded in turning his dream into reality.

Tires à Petits Prix.com is now online and dedicates itself entirely to its vision. Offering exceptionally low prices and unparalleled customer service, the company wants to be a leader in the industry and offer its customers the best online tire buying experience.

Always in the spirit of helping the community, we support the nonprofit organization Opération Enfant Soleil and pay them $1 per tire sold, in addition to 100% of our customers' donations. Learn more about our values.

We will always be happy to accomodate you, to guide you and to receive your reactions. Do not hesitate to come and greet us on our Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram. You can also contact us directly here.