Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the recommended tire size for your vehicle?

In most cases there is a sticker in the driver's door that gives all the necessary information for your vehicle's tires: size and pressure. Your vehicle guide, given when buying or renting your vehicle, also contains this information. In addition, we provide a search engine depending on your vehicle type on our homepage.

Why choose the original size of my tires and not something else?

The vehicles are designed for the original tires. By installing smaller or larger tires, the transmission operates differently and the steering parts can break more easily (eg seal wear, rod ball malfunction, etc.). In addition, the display of your speed may no longer be accurate and vary from the actual speed. It is advisable to look at the tire size comparison guide in order to have a more accurate estimate.

From when are winter tires needed?

According to the SAAQ and the laws of Québec, all passenger vehicles registered in Québec must be equipped with winter tires from December 15th to March 15th. The same rules apply to rental vehicles. It is possible, and sometimes strongly advised, to bring winter tires in advance, in order to avoid unforeseen climatic conditions. Your safety is important to us, your life is played on four wheels!

Are my payments secure?

Absolutely! We use the most modern and robust technologies to offer you a quality experience, with all the security required. We use HTTPS processing of your information and no number is stored on our servers. All your transactions are supervised by Stripe or Paypal, leaders in online financial transactions.

Can your prices actually be lower than most physical retailers?

Thanks to our wide network of distributors throughout Quebec, we can guarantee tires at incredibly competitive prices. Indeed, our large volume allows us to negotiate advantageous offers with our sellers, which leads us to continually lower our prices.

What should I expect from your delivery service?

Our experience of buying tires online does not stop after your payment. We provide a follow-up service to all our customers, so they can know what to expect for their delivery. We work with partners known for their efficiency and operational excellence. A delivery takes from 2 to 7 days, depending on the chosen terms and your region.