Our values

Make a difference

Our vision to offer tire access to everyone, across Quebec and Canada, is an adventure to go together. Through this long journey, we want to have a concrete impact on the society in which we live. Whether through our support of not-for-profit organizations, our national reach of our products or the funding we provide to our clientele, we are dedicated to making a difference.


A strong company must have the highest standards in each of its departments. A robust chain requires that each of its links be at the top of its shape. Our in-house training, dedication to perfection, and strong relationships with our business partners allow us to provide you with the excellence you need and the best experience.


We strongly believe that a sold tire is more than just a financial transaction, it is the foundation of a long-term relationship. Although we wish to provide you with the best tools and the best prices on our online sales platform, we aspire to much more. We aspire to build a strong relationship of trust, where you can always count on us. Every care, detail and attention counts when it comes to offering you the best online shopping experience for tires at good prices. We are available for you.