Privacy policy

Data collection and respect of privacy

Although Pneus À Petits Prix Inc. does not hold your bank account number or credit card number in any way, we must obtain and use certain personal information such as name, first name, address, postal code and telephone number For administrative purposes and to carry out the ordering and delivery process. In no event shall this information be disclosed and / or sold, leased, exchanged to a third party. The information gathered may, however, be transferred as part of a business buy-out or merger, a restructuring, a sale of shares or a change of control within the company. The primary goal of personal information gathering is to provide you with a personalized, efficient, secure and easy experience. To this end, some of your personal information is used to:

Provide the services and customer service you require and require. Process your transactions and send you notices about them. Solve disputes, collect fees and solve problems Prevent potentially illegal or prohibited activities. Customize, evaluate and improve our services as well as the content and layout of our website. Send you promotional offers, service updates and targeted marketing presentations, depending on your communication preferences.

Pneus À Petits Prix Inc. gives itself the right to use certain cookies like many other websites. This data collection is for information only and allows us to analyze the trends of the users of the site We can therefore better understand the needs of consumers by collecting certain information about their browsing habits such as the most visited pages or even the duration of the visit on our website. You are however able to accept or reject at your discretion some of the cookies.

Retargeting site and its mobile version use advertising retargeting technologies on the Internet. Thus, our visitors, who are already interested in our products, can view our advertisements on partner websites. Advertising retargeting technologies analyze your cookies and display advertisements based on your behaviors and your consumption habits on the Internet. It should be noted that this technology does not record any of your personal information. In addition, the use of our retargeting technology complies with current privacy requirements. Internet users may withdraw at any time from the Advertising Devices that uses. If you refuse to transfer such data to the social network Facebook, unplug the social network before accessing any of our websites or the mobile version of it. We can not influence the collection of these data and we recommend that you review the privacy policies of this social network.

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This site is controlled by Pneus À Petits Prix Inc. and its administrative offices located in the province of Quebec, Canada. While this web site may be accessed by people in other provinces and territories, and thus by the whole world, and knowing that laws and regulations differ from province to province and from country to country ; any person who uses this website will have to comply with the regulations and the legislation present in the province of Quebec.

Jurisdiction and governance

The website is controlled by the company Pneus À Petits Prix Inc and its administrative bureaux which is located in the province of Quebec in Canada. Although this website can be accessed and reached by the population of other provinces and territories and by this fact the whole world and knowing that laws and regulations differ from one province to another and from one country to an another; any person that will use this website will have to comply with the regulations and the legislation present in the province of Quebec.

Navigation and use of the website

Any navigation or search on the website offered by Pneus À Petits Prix Inc. is at the discretion and risk and peril of the Internet user. Any risk associated with browsing the Internet from the website is assumed by the user. Pneus À Petits Prix Inc. takes no responsibility for the risk of sailing through the different sections or subsections of the website. Pneus À Petits Prix Inc. assumes no responsibility for the risks of damage from the point of view of computer or electronic, mental or physical equipment. The search engines found on this site are informative.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure the accuracy of the information transmitted to us. Pneus À Petits Prix Inc. accepts no responsibility for errors on the part of the user, whether from the point of view of the goods purchased or the delivery information (address, postal code or telephone number ) The customer is responsible for ensuring that the merchandise ordered is compatible with the vehicle for which it is ordered. In the event of an error on the part of the customer regarding the model, width, ratio or diameter of the tire(s), Pneus À Petits Prix Inc. may take back the tire(s) in question for an additional return delivery.

Prevention of fraud and any fraudulent act

Pneus À Petits Prix Inc uses several methods to secure any information transmitted to the company. We ensure the security of any transaction using the methods recognized and offered by the companies Paypal and Stripe. We offer you all the standards and regulations that are guaranteed by those companies. Paypal and Stripe store and process your personal information on computers in the United States and protects them with physical protections, electronic protections and procedures in accordance with applicable laws. They both use computer security systems such as firewalls and data encryption. In addition Paypal and Stripe control access to their buildings and their files and allows access to their information only to authorized persons who need it in the course of their work.

Pneus À Petits Prix Inc. uses other methods of fraud prevention by choosing and doing business only with the largest suppliers on the market. Pneus À Petits Prix Inc. reserves the right to cancel any order or to restrict purchases and / or quantities ordered without giving any reason.

Any order deemed to be fraudulent may be refused by the Pneus À Petits Prix Inc. staff without any justification. In this case the customer will be informed by e-mail.

Protection of personnal information

The company Pneus À Petits Prix Inc guarantees the security of your transaction through Paypal or Stripe. When you confirm your order, Pneus À Petits Prix Inc will automatically route you to a Paypal page in order to enter your personal and confidential information. If you choose to pay by credit card, you will stay on our web page and the Stripe module. The result of this operation ensures peace of mind following your purchases knowing that none of your valuable information such as bank account number or credit card number finds itself in the hands of an unwanted person. Indeed Paypal allows you to execute all transactions without ever having to disclose your account numbers or credits to Pneus À Petits Prix Inc.

Copyrights and authors rights is a protected site to which belongs any content or any information found on this site. It is strictly illegal to attempt to change any information on this website. Any information or textual or graphical data is offered for information purposes by Pneus à Rabais inc and is offered to you on condition of respecting the integrity of the company and making it a use deemed responsible. Pneus À Petits Prix Inc and its logos are protected trademarks. All slogan, custom logo and icon belong to the company Pneus À Petits Prix Inc. and are transmitted to you for personal use exclusively. Any use for commercial purposes is prohibited. Any modification to this website is prohibited unless you have a written agreement from the company's executives Pneus À Petits Prix Inc